Zyto Bio-Survey

Zyto – BioSurvey

Imagine – a way to explore and evaluate your body’s efficiency in a non-invasive, view non-intimidating way and then apply that discovery to create an individual plan for better health.  By placing your hand on the HandCradle, order an energetic connection is established allowing Zyto to essentially ‘ask your body questions’ and record your body’s responses or ‘answers’. We call this bio-communication, buy and it can provide you and the Sheer Nutrients consultant with powerful new insights about your health.

ZYTO technology is a safe, FDA cleared technology that may be used to identify food sensitivities, assess bacterial, viral, fungal and parasite stress, as well as to recognize any heavy metals or negative side effects from environmental contributors, such as vaccines. It may also be used to treat allergies and other conditions, such as asthma, migraines, eczema and psoriasis. Once the causes of your body’s inefficiencies are realized, a path of healing can be developed for you.

The Sheer Nutrients products developed by Premier Research Labs are recommended after a (20) minute consultation is completed using this Zyto BioSurvey.  ZYTO technology enables a Hand Cradle and computer to communicate with your body.

For more information on how you can use ZYTO technology to maximize your health, please contact us at Info@SheerNutrients.com to schedule an appointment in the NYC or Westchester County area.

For a special preview of Zyto Technology, see the You Tube link below.