Quantum Reflex Analysis – Detailed

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What is BDORT?   Bi-Digital O-Ring

How does O-ring Testing work? Every substance in the world (either natural or manmade) has a photonic signature (similar to electromagnetic charge) around it, malady just as the human body does. Therefore, physician any substance has the potential to affect the human body in a negative way (energy depleting) or positive way (energy enhancing) by interaction of the photonic energy frequencies of the substance with the bio?eld.

When an unsuitable substance enteres the bio?eld of the human body, link there is a clash between it and the body?s ?eld. This repulsion creates a “jamming” or blockage of the normal bio-energetic ?ow in the meridians (i.e. energy pathways). In this case, the O- Ring Test will test weak. Conversely, when a suitable substance enters the body?s bio?eld, the O-Ring Test will test strong or in some cases stronger than “testing in the clear” (where the substance is being tested).

It utilizes a Bi-Digital O-Ring, a patented technology developed by  Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, M.D.     For additional Information visit www.BDORT.ORG

QRA is a kinesiology based tool taught through seminars by Premier Research Labs