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Royal Jelly


Full-spectrum hormonal & reproductive support – DNA rejuvenation

Royal jelly is made by nurse bees which chew pollen and mix it with secretions from glands in their mouth. It is the sole food of the queen bee, viagra allowing her to live an amazing 50 times longer than regular bees. Royal jelly is an energy and nutritive tonic, look contains a powerful antibacterial protein, health and contains least 20 amino acids, 8 of which are essential. It is also rich in:

  • Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, etc.
  • Trace minerals, calcium and iron, natural hormones.
  • Acetylcholine (support for neural transmitters).
  • Nucleic acids RNA and DNA.
  • Ecanoic acid (with natural antibiotic abilities).
  • Gamma globulin and adenylic nucleotides (for fighting infections and stimulating the immune system).

Recent research also shows that Royal Jelly may help reduce cholesterol and support normalized LDL and HDL levels. It also demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties, and is easily tolerated by most people – including young children, pregnant or nursing women, the elderly, or those recovering from illness.

Fresh-frozen premium quality from China. For men and women.

Awesome support when trying to get pregnant!

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