Polar Mins (2 fl oz)


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Polar Mins is an amazing liquid concentrate of raw oceanic minerals. It is a broad-spectrum, see electrochemically charged, highly concentrated source of minerals from the deep, pristine Southern Ocean near Antarctica. This is a 100:1 concentrate: 1 gallon of Polar Mins is equal to the minerals found in 100 gallons of ocean water (with 97% of the salt removed).

This unique mineral product is derived by a proprietary sun-evaporation process from ultra pure Antarctic-originated water; over 97% of the salt (NaCl) has been removed, leaving the perfect mineral concentrate for outstanding mineral support.

Also available: Spray bottle to hold Polar Mins when diluted with water.

Use Take 1/2 teaspoon, daily in 1 cup of juice or water. For those who are sensitive, dilute 1/2 tsp. in 2 cups of water. May also be taken in soups and foods. Due to the concentrated nature of these minerals, it is recommended that you do not take undiluted.
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