Medi-Dental Pack (8oz Powder) Detox


Rapid, deep-seated detox of targeted dental & gum areas

Medi-Dental Pack is a highly effective, discount cleansing dental pack with premium montmorillonite clay that naturally contains absorptive calcium smectites, silica and nine mineral oxides. In addition, it also contains rare, calcium-based zeolite minerals (laumontite). High quality clays and minerals have been used for centuries in many cultures for cleansing. In the past, certain sources were highly prized for their amazingly diverse cleansing effects. Smectite clays initially form through volcanic activity. They have a crystalline structure that is unique to each clay.

These crystalline molecules act as transducers of light frequencies to encourage the rejuvenative process. Smectite clays have a unique, natural absorptive power, meaning they are able to cleanse. Once the clay mixture has been used for cleansing of the oral cavity, its unique absorptive power has been exhausted so it is best not to re-use the clay. Please enjoy the powerful, rejuvenating effects of this excellent pack.

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Use 1. Mix Powder: Place 1 tablespoon of Medi-Dental Pack powder in a plastic (or nonmetallic) container. Add 2 teaspoons of Detox-ND™ and mix into a thick paste ball. 2. Place on Affected Dental Area: Place the clay ball inside your mouth and form it around the target area (such as a target tooth or gum area) which you wish to cleanse. You may hold the ball in place with your finger. 3. Wait for 10 minutes: Then rinse out your mouth a few times with purified water. (During this time, if you happen to swallow a small amount of the clay mixture, it is harmless.) 4. Solar Energy: Optional but highly recommended: go outside for 5 minutes (or more) to absorb beneficial frequencies of solar radiation. 5. Medi-Body Bath: For best results, follow each dental cleansing session with a Medi-Body Bath, an effective, cleansing foot bath (for 10 minutes). Note: each dental area in the mouth corresponds to various meridians in the body.