Magnesium (4 oz Powder)


Magnesium Lactate Powder – Highly Absorbable Source of Magnesium

Magnesium plays a critical and widespread role in the body. But it is easily depleted due to stress, ambulance anxiety, mind injury, radiation, acidosis, gastrointestinal problems, or the intake of excess refined sugar, carbohydrates, and caffeine. Soft drinks in particular can rapidly deplete magnesium due to their high sugar and phosphoric acid content. Premier Magnesium restores magnesium levels and provides these key benefits:

  • Supports adequate ATP (energy) production, thus playing a key role in promoting healthy energy levels.
  • Supports healthy muscle relaxation and contractibility.
  • Helps prevent nocturnal leg muscle cramps.
  • Promotes healthy nerve transmission.
  • Plays an important role in biosynthesis, growth and thermo genesis, as well as in bone mineralization and intestinal motility.
  • Designed to bring up magnesium levels and to sustain them, especially when there is low adrenal function which often leads to rapid excretion of magnesium.
  • Used as a temporary fix while supporting rejuvenation of adrenal function.
  • Best absorbed magnesium form so it affords the least risk of loose stool.

The primary problem with poor magnesium status is adrenal cortical stress. In adrenal stress, there is a continual, wholesale magnesium excretion from the body. In these cases, no matter how much magnesium is consumed, magnesium levels will often continue to be low (as measured by intracellular magnesium tests). Therefore, in low magnesium states, we recommend not only Premier Magnesium, but also AdrenaVen (3 to 6 Vcaps, breakfast and lunch for 4 to 8 weeks). This is essential to support healthy adrenal function so magnesium excretion can return to normal levels.

Premier Magnesium is a revolutionary form of highly absorbable magnesium that is designed to enhance absorption and intestinal tolerance of magnesium. Features a refreshing watermelon flavor.

Violite® Protected: Patent-pending dark violet bottle; proven to block light between 450-720
nm, the range known to damage nutrients

Our Quality One Guarantee: No magnesium stearate (an undesirable excipient), artificial colors, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. Manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility for superior quality assurance.

Store in a dark, cool place.