Digestion Products

Do you have a bowel movement for every meal you eat? Anything less is constipation, which leads to low energy and illness. Do you get heart-burn or acid reflux? Don’t ever use an anti-acid product – they make it worse.

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  • Premier HCL (formerly Betaine HCL) and HCL Activator – so your food can be digested in the stomach. By age 30, your stomach is not producing enough hydrochloric acid to adequately break down your food and it starts to rot. This creates a breeding ground for micro-organisms plus you don’t get the nutrients and the body is starving and continuously asking for more.

    Heartburn and acid reflux are actually caused by a lack of HCL. Without enough HCL, the food rots and produces lactic acid which can cause the acid reflux. Anti-acids actually make the condition worse. HCL addresses the cause by helping to digest the meal properly.

    Without adequate digestion, you can sacrifice up to a third of your life-span, because you use up your cells methyl groups much faster. At 70 years old, you produce only 10% of the HCL you produced at 20. Most of the elderly are starving to death, getting disease and suffering. The HCL can remethylate the cell and reclaim both the quality and quantity of your life-span.

    For children and most teenagers, the Pink Salt below should be adequate to support HCL production.

  • Digest – helps your food get digested once it reaches the small intestines, plus it helps the HCL work better. Crucial to use with any cooked food meal. It also has the ability to go into the blood stream to help digest previously undigested material.
  • Pink Salt – helps with the production of HCL in the stomach. Also supports the adrenal glands and is excellent source of trace minerals and electrolytes.

The 4 products above are the best place to start and often solve most digestive problems themselves. Sometimes some additional help is necessary:

  • Digestase SP – use with Digest to reduce intestinal gas, bloating & food reactivity, better digest sugars, carbs & protein, and fight bio-films (where bacteria & parasites hide).
  • Galactan – excellent help for constipation, bloating and sticky bowel movements. It also helps to rebuild the lining of the intestinal walls. Very soft, gentle fiber.
  • Premier Cleanse – also great for constipation and divirticulitis (pockets of waste). A bit more aggressive than the Galactan, acts like a broom to sweep the intestines.
  • Probiotic Caps – 40% of a bowel movement is intestinal flora and for most people much of that has been wiped out by antibiotics. Two month’s use of 4 per day can help replenish and vastly improve digestion and elimination.
  • GastroVen (formerly Stomach Complex) – for those who find the Premier HCL irritating, they may need to repair the stomach first (I only find this about 5% of the time). Helps repair the stomach lining even with severely irritated stomach and ulcers, so you can take the HCL. If this is the case, check to see if there is an interference field (an old scar, surgery, trauma, broken bone) from the nose to the pubic bone that may be reflexing to the stomach and weakening it. That area will need to be mud packed to help the stomach recover. See our Medi-Magma Pack for instructions.
  • AloeDetox – anti-disease formula, especially for rebuilding the mucous membranes (digestive and respiratory) and fighting tumors. I’d use with any severe illness along with the suggestions above and more.
  • AloePro – soothes and helps the lining of digestive tract. Non-inflammatory, produces “feel good” effect. Drink as much as you can afford!
  • Noni – for severe, chronic constipation, when nothing else works (which is rare because the products above usually work). Also good for depression/mood support.
  • Green Tea-ND – additional support for the stomach, especially for kids (who don’t need HCL). Also, the most powerful antioxidant, DNA protection and protection from radiation damage.
  • There are even more choices in our Digestion & Intestinal Supplement By Type category.

Bernard Jenson, a famous natural health doctor, who lived a long life last century, used to say, “Take care of your stomach for the first 50 years and it will take care of you for the next 50 years.” We say take care of your stomach and body your entire life – and live with extraordinary health, with the energy and passion to love life and make a difference.