Castor Oil / Immune Oil Pack

                                       The Castor-Immune Pack

 Required Items

  1. a) Castor Oil Pack

(Made with 3 layers of cotton flannel about 6” by 8” saturated with Premier Castor Oil; a heating pad will also be needed)

b) An Immune Boosting Oil

(such as Oregano (Carvacrol Oil)  or  Neem Oil)


  1. Target Area. Select target area to be treated (such as low back area, recipe liver, vialis 40mg abdominal area, area of a previous fall, etc.)

Target Area to be treated: _________________________________

Apply Immune Boosting Oil. Next, apply 3 to 4 drops of a selected immune-boosting oil. Massage well into the same area (the same area where you applied the  Oregano (Carvacrol Oil)  or  Neem Oil)

                       Selected Oil: ____________________________

Apply Castor Oil Pack. Next, apply the castor oil pack to the target area, cover with a sheet of plastic (to protect the heating pad from getting oily), then cover with a heating pad. (To disperse the toxic effects of AC current from the heating pad, an old naturopathic technique is to tie a simple knot in the cord of the heating pad about every 2 feet. This is harmless to the cord but effectively neutralizes the toxic signature of the AC current)

Apply the pack for about 30 to 60 minutes, using medium to med-high heat.

Wipe off area. After the allotted treatment time, simply take a paper towel to wipe off any excess oil from the skin area. Then gently rub in any remaining oil into the skin. It is not necessary to wash the area with soap and water.

Zeo Mineral Cream. Next, massage the area with a small dab of Zeo Mineral Cream to assure maximum exchange of toxins.